It all started a long time ago when I was a young man at my very first job at a movie theater when a little boy and his father came up to my post and I did the usual of tearing their ticket and telling them where to go to enjoy their movie. Then the little boy looked up at his father and asked as they were walking past "why does that man sound like a bear?" and upon that statement that would be the seed planted to change my life…

a few years later, while in college I worked in the local college radio station on the air and also learned about audio production. since then I have taken lessons with different coaches and have put in many hours of practice. which has led to me to lending my voice to a podcast, grocery store, and an animation short!

Are you looking for a voice for your next commercial? Then look no further for a voice that is authentic, friendly, guy next door, and maybe something with a little wry-dry humor.

Then I'm your guy!

Why does that man sound like a bear
— little boy

Fun Stuff



I love spending time with my dogs doing training, exercises, exploring or just being a goofball with them! 



I love to cook and get into the kitchen to create something that is delicious and healthy and share it with friends and family.


Smoking Meat

Along with cooking being a Texan I love to smoke good o'l Texas brisket! Especially for friends and family! 



And sometimes you got get out and use your hands and create something with your hands. I love to build cutting boards, especially that final moment when you put the oil on the wood and then all the colors really pop!